“We have served the audio industry since over six decades. Our Audio systems are a sound investment, to let you
enjoy the wonderful world of music.”



The foundation of Norge Audio is built on the idea of providing music in its purest form. And our Amplifiers are specifically built to do just that! Our wide range of amplifiers are devised and thoroughly tested, to cater to all the needs and fancies of hardcore music enthusiasts. Norge amplifiers are packed with basic, as well as certain exclusive features, all of which are wonderfully balanced, to deliver the highest quality audio to the listeners. Your stereo systems will never be the same, with Norge Amplifiers!


Norge Audio systems are widely lauded for their ability to deliver exceptional sonic performances at the most economical prices you can imagine. Our pioneering range of Speakers combine the best of aesthetics and the latest technological advances, creating products that look good and sound brilliant. No matter what the genre of music, every sound coming out of Norge Speakers is guaranteed to provide pure musical bliss! If that’s the kind of musical experience you are looking for, Norge Speakers are the way to go!


Apart from highly sophisticated amplifiers and speakers, Norse Audio is also involved in production of other sound accessories. Built with the sole aim to enhance and refine the quality of sound that comes through your stereo systems, all of Norge Audio’s accessories are high on quality as well as credibility. Whether you want to modify your old system or want to amplify the sound of a new one, Norge’s accessories will take care of everything!