Our Philosophy

In a world where most things seem to need frequent upgrades, repair or replacement – why are we confidently offering a 1 year warranty on all our products? Because, we take pride in the products we make. Each piece is individually hand crafted, one at a time, with attention to design and with care for quality.

It’s the love for the purity of sound that drives our business and we cut no corners to bring Norge performance closest to perfection. We source the best components from across the world, set the strictest process controls while manufacturing and have a no-compromise policy on quality control while testing.

When our clients tell us that a Norge equipment in an investment for life, it is like sweet music. For most manufacturers, the moment the assembly is done it is time to ship. But at Norge there’s more work to be done. Every equipment undergoes what we call a burn in test. The equipment is kept on for a few hours, to see if any part gives way. It also undergoes a mild drop test. All of this testing – almost obsessive, has resulted in an exceptionally low rate of return.

There is a craft of creating high fidelity sound, and our engineers practice it with devotion. Our customers have a fine ear and they recognize it. They know each Norge product is for life, and we make sure they are made that way.

Eastern Electronics 225, Hammersmith Industrial Estate, Sitladevi Temple Road, Mahim, Mumbai - 400 016