We have served the audio industry since over six decades.

Our Audio systems are a sound investment, to let you enjoy the wonderful world of music.

The foundation of Norge Audio is built on the idea of providing music in its purest form.


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Norge Audio systems are widely lauded for their ability to deliver exceptional sonic performances at the most economical prices.

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Apart from highly sophisticated amplifiers and speakers, Norge Audio is also involved in production of other sound accessories.

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Our New Arrivals

Norge Samba

Samba is the new bluetooth speaker launched by Norge. Ideal to use in small spaces (10x10, 10x15) like bedrooms, small living rooms, dining areas, small cafes, small offices, cabins. Has a Rich Sound with Good Bass and Treble. Enhances TV Sound and has USB, Bluetooth and AUX Feature (TV input - RCA).

Output 22w rms

Frequency Response 45Hz - 18KHz

Input USB (2.0) / MP4, BLUETOOTH, FM, AUX

Our Journey from India to Norway

It relates to my intensive training and memorable interactions with the Norwegian way of life

From Norway to Norge Audio

This photo book unfolds my long cherished dream of getting trained in some world renowned audio factory, which would inspire my company to produce quality audiophile products of the highest order. As luck would have, it turned out be "Tandberg Radiofabrikk".

It relates to my intensive training and memorable interactions with the Norwegian way of life, their culture and their quality work ethos. All this inspired my company to establish NORGE Audiophile components.

Tandbergs Radiofabrikk A/S was unique ,as they manufactured the worlds best tape recorders and audio equipments.

And most note worthy point was that the founder Mr. Vebjorn Tandberg gave all the shares to his factory workers and retained ONLY ONE share for himself. A very selfless and humanitarian gesture, worthy of emulation.

We at Eastern Electronics are greatly indebted to Mr. Vebjorn Tandberg and its employees who have given us a unique place in the Indian audio field. Last but not the least, are the great Norwegian race, which has given us their work philosophy,inspiration and the drive to reach greater heights.

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